Truck and Big Rig Accident Cases

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An Aggressive Approach to Truck Accident Claims

To many trucking companies and their insurers, truck accidents, injuries and death are just numbers — part of the cost of doing business. To those who have suffered catastrophic injuries or the loss of a loved one in a truck accident, the damages are all too real, personal and painful.

Experience with Truck Accident Cases

Ralph Slater is a Truck Accident Attorney who takes special care in representing truck accident victims.

Besides the “Rules of the Road”, truck drivers and trucking companies must abide by strict regulations established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which governs everything from how long a driver can spend behind the wheel to truck maintenance, loading and required safety markings. For example, after an accident causing significant injury or death, trucking companies are required to drug test the driver. Often they fail to do so.

Evidence Needed to Win

Ralph Slater, together with a licensed investigator, investigates truck accidents to determine if any regulatory or safety violations contributed to the accident. Sometimes, accident reconstructions are needed. Accident reconstructions can involve obtaining information from the electronic control module (ECM) or black box. His investigator will go to the scene of the crash, interview witnesses, take photographs and obtain other important data.

Mr. Slater has had great success in handling accident cases. Mr. Slater obtained what was the largest settlement in California history for quadriplegia, the worst form of paralysis. It was an 8-figure settlement of a forklift accident case. He has many 7-figure settlements to his name.

While Mr. Slater has successfully obtained settlements in over 95% of his cases throughout his career, he will take a case to trial whenever necessary. Some of his jury verdicts in large cases were 5 to 22 times the final offers of insurance companies.

You can have Mr. Slater’s careful diligence, negotiation and trial skills, which were honed over 35 years, on your side. Call Mr. Slater now for your Free Initial Consultation.

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