Product Liability Cases

Product Liability Cases

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Ralph Slater has a long history of obtaining significant results in cases involving dangerous and defective products, including industrial machinery and equipment, drugs and medical devices, and a forklift. Defective products, or their components, cause airplane crashes, boating accidents, construction accidents and motor vehicle accidents, among others. Accidents also result from faulty electrical wiring, defective farm equipment, defectively designed fuel tanks, defective bikes and helmets, faulty motorcycle or bicycle parts, and defective tractors. The list of defective products is limitless.

Basic Product Liability Law

If you are injured by a defective product, the product's designer, manufacturer, designer, wholesaler and retailer are all legally responsible for your damages or loss.

In some cases, a product is defective if it fails to meet reasonable consumer expectations of safety. For other types of products, one must prove one of three types of defects.

  1. A manufacturing defect: For example, a fastener on a machine flies off causing injury or death.
  2. A design defect: The manufacturer or designer failed to use a safer alternative design.
  3. A marketing defect: Misleading, confusing or incomplete labeling, instructions or warnings, causing injury or death.

Critical Evidence

Mr. Slater would urge you to keep the product in your possession if possible. Ralph Slater acts early to gain access to the dangerous product and preserve the evidence to avoid the possibility of tampering.

Put Skills and Experience on Your Side

Ralph Slater, a leading personal attorney in Chico, with over 35 years of experience, represents clients who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries in product liability accidents.

Mr. Slater negotiated what was once the largest settlement in California history for quadriplegia, the worst form of paralysis. It was an 8-figure settlement. He has many 7-figure settlements to his name.

While he successfully settles over 95% of his cases, he will not hesitate to go to trial whenever necessary. He has won jury verdicts in large cases that were 5 to 22 times the final offers of insurance companies. He never loses sight of the personal trauma suffered by his clients and makes sure the jury does not either. His commitment to his clients is personal and complete.

If you have been injured or lost a family member due to a defective product, call Mr. Slater now. Put over 35 years of success in handling personal injuries to work for you. He operates on a No Win - No Pay basis; that is, unless he wins a recovery for you, you do not owe him a dime.

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No Recovery, No Pay

As a contingency-fee lawyer, Mr. Slater bears the upfront costs and risks of litigation and trial, not his clients. He only receives a fee and recovers his costs if the victim obtains financial compensation. He operates on a "No Win, No Pay" basis.

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