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Chico Bicycle Accident Attorney

When a bicyclist and motor vehicle get in an accident, the cyclist rarely walks away. The California Department of Motor Vehicles estimates more than 100 California bicyclists are killed and thousands are injured in motor vehicle collisions each year. Many suffer serious and disabling injuries from bicycle accidents.

Ralph Slater stands up for the rights of injured bicyclists. He pursues their full measure of compensation for pain and suffering, current and future medical expenses, lost wages and reduced earning capacity, disfigurement, permanent disability and more. He has the knowledge, determination and resources required to maximize results for his injured clients.

Ralph Slater represents people injured in bicycle accidents caused by the negligent or reckless actions of others, including cases involving:

  • Aggressive or careless driving
  • Road rage
  • Opening vehicle doors in a cyclist's path
  • Poorly designed bicycles or components and defective bike helmets that don't prevent penetration, absorb energy and spread impact forces over a larger area.

One type of aggressive or careless driving cases is automobile-overtaking-bicycle collisions. In late 2014, California Vehicle Code section 21760 went into effect. It requires motorists to maintain a distance of three feet when overtaking and passing a bicyclist. If “unable to comply”, a motorist must slow and wait for an opportunity to pass safely.

Serious Injuries

Pedestrians who survive accidents often suffer serious injuries, including head and traumatic brain injuries, back, neck and spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures and internal injuries. The accident can leave them paralyzed and unable to work or earn a living.

The Evidence It Takes to Win

Ralph Slater is diligent in investigating bicycle accident cases because of the need to prove to a "blame-the-victim" insurance company that his client deserves compensation or to prove to a jury that his client was not at fault.

Ralph Slater has the resources it takes to investigate bike accident cases. He obtains the police report but that is hardly the end. He stores damaged bicycles and helmets for post-crash examination, testing and mechanical review, if necessary. He locates and interviews witnesses. He looks for any available video of the accident location. If your case calls for it, he will retain an accident reconstruction expert with experience as a cyclist to show to a jury that the motorist, not you, was at fault for the accident. He examines the signage, road condition, lighting and visibility. He will use aerial photographs and road photographs.

Put Skill and Experience on Your Side in Court

While Mr. Slater has successfully settled over 95% of his cases throughout his career, he will go to court whenever necessary. He has obtained jury verdicts in large cases that were 5 to 22 times the final offers of insurance companies.

Mr. Slater negotiated what was once the largest settlement ever reported in California history for quadriplegia, the worst form of paralysis. It was an 8-figure settlement. He has also negotiated many 7-figure settlements.

To speak to Ralph Slater about your bicycling accident claim, call him now for your Free Initial Consultation. He is a leading personal injury attorney with over 35 years of experience handling accident cases. He operates on a “No Win, No Pay” basis; that is you do not owe him one dime if he does not win compensation for you.

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Home or Hospital Visits

Accidents can cause serious injuries that result in hospitalization or confinement in bed. Ralph Slater understands this frustration and is here to help by visiting you at the hospital or in your home.

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