Auto Accident Cases

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Troubling Statistics for Our Community

In the United States, the automobile is a way of life. Most of us drive or ride in a motor vehicle every day. However, because of how common cars are in our lives, we often forget just how dangerous they can be and how often serious car crashes occur. According to NHTSA, automobile accidents are the cause of one death every 12 to 15 minutes and injure more than 2.5 million folks each year. Ralph Slater has seen first-hand that many of those injured are reduced by permanent disabilities like brain damage, paralysis, amputations, orthopedic injuries and other serious handicaps. In cases where a death results, the family members of those killed suffer both emotionally and, often, financially. The costs to individuals and families is inestimable.

Evidence Needed to Win

Mr. Slater obtains the police report but that is hardly the end. His investigator locates and interviews witnesses. If your case calls for it, he will retain an accident reconstruction expert. His investigator will look for any available video of the accident location. He will also examine the signage, road condition, lighting and visibility. Whenever needed, he will use aerial photographs and road photographs.

Put Skills and Experience on Your Side

While Mr. Slater has successfully settled over 95% of cases throughout his career, he will take a case to trial whenever necessary. He has obtained jury verdicts in large cases which were 5 to 22 times the final offers of insurance companies.

Mr. Slater, a Chico-based personal injury lawyer, obtained what was once the largest settlement in California history for quadriplegia, the worst form of paralysis. It was an 8-figure settlement! He has many 7-figure settlements to his name.

A car accident claim or lawsuit can help pay high medical bills and other costs caused by an accident, and provide financial support for those who lost an income due to injury or an unexpected death. And in some cases, it can help you prevent the same tragedy from happening to others.

If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic head injuries, spinal injuries or other serious injuries, or lost a family member due to the negligence of another, contact Ralph Slater now.

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No Recovery, No Pay

As a contingency-fee lawyer, Mr. Slater bears the upfront costs and risks of litigation and trial, not his clients. He operates on a "No Win, No Pay" basis. Call Ralph Slater now to discuss your auto accident case.

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